Monday, September 26, 2011

Vol. 3: The Weekly Does It

Weekly Wisdom: "... you can be right but wrong at the top of your voice" (taken from Love & Respect page 11).

Inspiration: "Don't panic. I'm with you. There's no need to fear for I'm your God.  I'll give you strength. I'll help you" Isaiah 41:10.

From the Book Shelf: Still reading in Love & Respect. Something that I can recall doing in the first 7 years of our marriage was yelling (and cussing) almost daily; either at my husband or at our children. I don't necessarily yell anymore, but I do raise my voice to be heard -- and typically lower it almost right away once I have (the kids') attention. However, even this is something that needs work. I CANNOT stand yelling or even raising my voice. *Can you believe I was a drum major in high school?*

In all reality, this is something that I grew up hearing and always said I was not going to do it. That phrase is so right: " can be right but wrong at the top of your voice". There is most certainly other POSITIVE ways of getting the attention of others.

Soundtrack: Not sure what my favorite song is this week. There's many that keep playing through my head ... Hold Me is one of them because there is no way I would have made it this far without God's hand AND heart in my life. Another is Hold Fast because I have some friends that are going through things, but there is one thing that I know: GOD is FAITHFUL and will reward their steadfastness. One more is Not A Moment Too Soon. because my awesome husband definitely came into my life (pre-marriage days) at the right time and is my "saving angel". God was right on time ...

Appointment Book: Not too much going on this week. We have a FULL week of school ahead of us; post office visit; swimming at the pool; and yard clean-up at the end of the week. Yep ... kind of easy going, but much to keep us busy.

**FYI -- this was a test of a blog series that I wanted to try out. I may continue something like this, but shorten it down to a blurb. Something where you can grab a quite word of Wisdom, Inspiration, or Insight from something that I've read. This will be the LAST of The Weekly Does It. I am going to another weekly blog post -- this one I am sure will hang around. Stay tuned to see what that is.**

Have a GREAT last week of September friends!!

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