Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scrappin' Time

Apart from my busy life ... homework for classes that are condensed into 5 weeks of learning verses 8-10 weeks, homeschooling our three kiddos, being a wife and hoping that I'm doing a good job at it, taking care of our home which sometimes I don't do such a good job, <---- but that's okay because it's still presentable for guests, and working with William on remodeling our master bathroom ... I am taking a break from it all for 8 hours this weekend. It's my need to catch some fresh air and do something that doesn't involve anything strenuous, other than what to put on a 12x12 page. That's. It.

What will I be doing? I'll be scrappin'. NOT fighting. That's scrapbooking for those who aren't proficient in scrapbooking lingo. ;) I haven't done any scrappin' since early 2008 ... that's almost 3 years! Crazy how fast time has gone. It's funny ... while looking at the pages, which is a very small number of them, I can remember when I did the pages. I've even got a special page from an old friend of ours and my first scrapbook page was done with her, too. It definitely brought back some sweet memories. I miss those days!!

Apart from continuing to learn new scrapbooking skills, I do agree with the kids ... my skills at taking photos has improved GREATLY!! Since I'll be scrapbooking on a regular basis now, I'm going to subscribe to Shutterfly's package deal ... 600 prints for $54! That's a DEAL!! And that's A LOT of photos!!! And that's A LOT of scrapbook pages waiting to be completed!!! :)

I'm happy ........... oh! And I've been informed by Andrew (our oldest child who is 11.5 years old) that I should make each of the kids an album that they can take with them when they move out. This is so they'll have those memories with them, too. Hmm ... he's right. A good album full of memories is always great to look at, especially when you're missing family. And according to him, he wants to go into the military ... "just like dad". <---- he'll need that album while he's away from his family, huh? More motivation to get these scrapbooks done. I'm excited!!!

By the way ... scrapbooking is so much more fun than just inserting photos into a photo album. There's more depth given to the photos on the page ... and depending on what layouts and embellishments are used, the page helps tell the story of the photos.

P.S. I have been told by all three kids and my wonderful hubby that they can't wait to see what pages I complete tomorrow. Well, technically it's today since it's already Saturday. Can they really be as excited about these pages as me?! Guess I'll be finding out soon ....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Funnix ...

Sweeties Freebies  posted a link for a free phonics program .... so guess what I just did?!

I just snagged a $249 phonics reading program for FREE!!! How awesome is that?! I can't review this program because it's still downloading ... but ... if you need extra help with your child in the reading/sounding out words department, this could be the answer you've been looking for. Since I homeschool it works out perfect because I still use the phonics program with our two youngest ones (4th and 2nd grades)! Now I can compare this $249 program with the multi-use $20 program I bought a while back.

I just wanted to pass this info on to all of you so you can snag up the FREE program as well!!

**I'll do another blog in about a month to let you know what I think about my FREE program!**

Pink ...

What's my favorite color? PINK! What team am I on? Pink for the Cure ... here's how ...

This May 7th, which also so happens to be my 31st birthday, I, and all my teammates will run in the 5K in downtown Las Vegas for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I am EXTREMELY EXCITED about this!! When was the last time I ran a mile? Umm ... about 3.5 years. And I've signed up to run a little over 3 miles? Yep ... I'm a little bit of crazy with a lot of ambition!! :) The LORD is my strength ... He is what's on my mind while I'm running, besides ... "my lungs are burning ... my lungs are burning ... I can do this ... I can do this ... "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," Philippians 4:13 (NKJV).

Elain the PINK Firetruck raising awareness! Photo taken by ME.

 #1 ... I need to get prepared and per some friends' suggestions, I have started the C25K Program to help me get ready to run in and support this cause. :) I am currently walking/jogging 1.6 miles in 25 minutes. Not bad. I think what helps is my awesome hubby working alongside me. :) I JUST LOVE THAT MAN!

#2 ... according to the C25K Program, I should be able to run 5K (a little over 3 miles) in nine weeks ... WITHOUT walking or even stopping. I'm hoping so and I am so glad that I started now! :)

#3 ... I have a total of 18 17 weeks before the race. That's plenty of time to get myself conditioned to run three miles. At least I think so. And according to C25K ... it's doable. I'll keep y'all updated on my progress and times. I'm excited and I want to share that excitement with you!!

#4 ... we are raising money for our team. Our goal is $1,500. If you'd like to join the team and race with us, you can. If you would like to donate, even $1, please do.. it would be much appreciated, help us get to our goal, and support the Susan G. Komen foundation! :) You can follow this link to our team page. We are 10% of the way there!

Please join us in fighting this fight ... remember, cancer knows no name and we are all just a number. My grandmother and my mother are both Breast Cancer survivors and this is why I am running the race to fight for a cure!!

Elaine the PINK firetruck raising awareness. Photo taken by ME.
 **Feel free to pass this information on to help our team meet AND exceed our fundraising goal!! This, too, would be greatly appreciated!!**

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Special. Unique. Peculiar.

Per Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition for special is: 1. distinguished by some unusual quality; 2. being other than the usual: additional, extra 3. designed for a particular purpose or occasion. The definition for unique is: 1. being the only one 2. being without a like or equal: unequaled; 3. peculiar. And the definition for peculiar: 1: characteristic of only one person, group, or thing: distinctive.

Special. Unique. Peculiar. That's how I describe what 2011 is going to be. First off, here are three reasons why ...

#1: The eleven in 2011 is a prime number. Eleven is only divisible by one and itself. That's special. It's unique. It's peculiar -- set apart (with the other prime numbers) because no other numbers get its attention except ONE!

#2: We will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary! That's VERY SPECIAL! VERY UNIQUE! And VERY PECULIAR! Thirteen just so happens to be another prime number, too. Besides being so very special, very unique, and very peculiar ... how many 30 & 31 year olds do you know celebrating 13 years of marriage?! Ooo... I do. I do. And that's what we said to each other almost 13 years ago!!!

#3: I will be turning 31 in May. Guess what? 31 is another prime number! Can you believe that?! That's a lot of special "PRIME" events happening in my life -- this year alone. Not to mention a few special, FIRST-TIME finishings and events I'd like to accomplish this year. I can't wait to see how God directs this new and special path for me. :)

Besides all of these special, unique, and peculiar happenings of events, this year is a refocus, to be refreshed, renewed, revived -- in God -- year for me! With only coming to the LORD back in September 2005, and having been through so many things, especially since early on in 2010, it's time. Time for a healing. Time for restoration. Time to be revived. I'm tired. I'm weak. And I most certainly NEED and WANT God to be my SPECIAL. UNIQUE. PECULIAR. NUMBER ONE focus for 2011.

So while I'm waiting for these new beginnings to happen in my life, as God is my focus, I'll continue to serve Him. To desire more of Him in my life. No matter. No matter how long it takes to be restored. No matter how long it takes my wounds to be healed and turned to a scar. No matter what encounters I have to endure to climb the mountain to Him ...


**What special events are you looking forward to in 2011? Do they include God? A new relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ? What about your hurts -- do you need someone to cover them? Jesus is the answer. TRUST ME -- I know. Take one day at a time. One step at a time. It doesn't have to be perfect -- YOU don't have to be perfect -- because God is that perfect answer for you.**

Here's to a VERY SPECIAL 2011!!!