Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Special. Unique. Peculiar.

Per Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition for special is: 1. distinguished by some unusual quality; 2. being other than the usual: additional, extra 3. designed for a particular purpose or occasion. The definition for unique is: 1. being the only one 2. being without a like or equal: unequaled; 3. peculiar. And the definition for peculiar: 1: characteristic of only one person, group, or thing: distinctive.

Special. Unique. Peculiar. That's how I describe what 2011 is going to be. First off, here are three reasons why ...

#1: The eleven in 2011 is a prime number. Eleven is only divisible by one and itself. That's special. It's unique. It's peculiar -- set apart (with the other prime numbers) because no other numbers get its attention except ONE!

#2: We will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary! That's VERY SPECIAL! VERY UNIQUE! And VERY PECULIAR! Thirteen just so happens to be another prime number, too. Besides being so very special, very unique, and very peculiar ... how many 30 & 31 year olds do you know celebrating 13 years of marriage?! Ooo... I do. I do. And that's what we said to each other almost 13 years ago!!!

#3: I will be turning 31 in May. Guess what? 31 is another prime number! Can you believe that?! That's a lot of special "PRIME" events happening in my life -- this year alone. Not to mention a few special, FIRST-TIME finishings and events I'd like to accomplish this year. I can't wait to see how God directs this new and special path for me. :)

Besides all of these special, unique, and peculiar happenings of events, this year is a refocus, to be refreshed, renewed, revived -- in God -- year for me! With only coming to the LORD back in September 2005, and having been through so many things, especially since early on in 2010, it's time. Time for a healing. Time for restoration. Time to be revived. I'm tired. I'm weak. And I most certainly NEED and WANT God to be my SPECIAL. UNIQUE. PECULIAR. NUMBER ONE focus for 2011.

So while I'm waiting for these new beginnings to happen in my life, as God is my focus, I'll continue to serve Him. To desire more of Him in my life. No matter. No matter how long it takes to be restored. No matter how long it takes my wounds to be healed and turned to a scar. No matter what encounters I have to endure to climb the mountain to Him ...


**What special events are you looking forward to in 2011? Do they include God? A new relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ? What about your hurts -- do you need someone to cover them? Jesus is the answer. TRUST ME -- I know. Take one day at a time. One step at a time. It doesn't have to be perfect -- YOU don't have to be perfect -- because God is that perfect answer for you.**

Here's to a VERY SPECIAL 2011!!!


Lacey said...

I didn't realize our life had so many similarities :). I knew we had both been at Lakenheath, but I turned 31 in October, we'll celebrate 12 in 2011 at 33 & 31.

Tina said...

Wow! I didn't either! :) Yep .. I'll be 31 and William will turn 33 in October! :) I'm really looking for special and unique things this year. Things that may only come around once. Or even just things that have a new beginning or are the first happenings. That's what I feel like the theme is for this year ... for me. :)