Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Year in Review

I've been thinking about how I should start this entry: Top 10 highlights of 2010? Catchy, but in all honesty, I think it would be hard to narrow it down to JUST the top 10 most favorite things that happened in 2010!! Sometimes making choices is NOT my forte. *sad to admit that... but is that a girl thing anyway?

Okay, back on topic... 2010: Year in Review? That's a good one, too, because then I could include MORE THAN 10 things! God knows that I am very thankful for so much that has happened over this past year, so let me go ahead and recap... and in NO particular order...

1. Our tradition EVERY year (since coming to Las Vegas) has been to go to Mount Charleston at the beginning of January. The last two years (2009 and 2010) we have built a snowman, and each year the snowman gets better looking! HA!

2. We celebrated our 12th anniversary on February 26th!! That's right -- ONE DOZEN -- years together!! :) How awesome!! :) We are truly blessed and thank God for His blessing on our marriage! Believe me, after coming through so much in the beginning of our marriage, to truly being happy now, there's definitely MUCH to be thankful for.

3. Mariah got to ride a horse for the first time in April. She was so excited!! The smiles on her face said it all. Someday, we really do hope that we can get her riding lessons ... on more of a permanent basis. She'd LOVE that!!

4. A pretty heart wrenching "event" happened with our old church. In all honesty, I wasn't going to include that in my list, but since it has continued to help shape me and reinforce my faith and help me find out what I BELIEVE of God's Word ... it fits perfectly on this list. I won't include details, but what had transpired could have easily sent me packing away from any denominations, as well as religion... for good -- or bad, is the better word for it. So, for what had happened, I am thankful! I continue to seek after the LORD and His will in my life. I look forward to sharing with you more frequently in the next NEW year ;) about the revelations and teachings God gives to me. Hopefully they'll encourage you! **I will blog again to start off the year and will include two songs that have so much meaning and are a perfect fit for this #4 on my list.**

5. Earlier in the year, I did get to go to a ladies conference which left me inspired to seek and desire more of God's will in my life. And only a couple short months after conference, that's when the unsettling feeling began bubbling up... which led to the events in #4. Remember, NO MATTER what happens in life, as long as you are seeking and desiring God's will to be done, you have to trust that HE has and holds your interest at heart... HIS heart! :)

6. Fishing! We went fishing quite a bit. a few times in June -- which William got to catch his biggest catch so far, since fishing again after all of these years! *I do have pictures! Maybe I should post them?* And we went fishing for Andrew's birthday, too! Fishing is definitely one of those outings that our family enjoys... even me! Warning: I DO NOT touch the worm or bait, NOR do I touch the fish! YUCK!!

7. Took the kids to Iowa for a personal visit with grandparents. We left on a 20+ hour trip on July 14th to Iowa... got there on July 15th, and William and I (without the kids) turned around and drove back home on July 16th. YES, we are crazy, but it was a fun roadtrip. Oh -- and now that we have the whole driving rotation mastered, driving isn't so bad. :) P.S. This was the LONGEST time we had ever been without the kids in all of their lives (Andrew is 11, Mariah is 9, and Corey is 7).

8. William and I drove back to Iowa for a month-long visit in August. It was so great to be back visiting family. The break from Vegas and all that had happened here was needed... and God definitely knew that -- He knows ALL anyway!

9. My family, sisters, aunts, uncle, and cousins surprised my mom with a 55th birthday party (before doing #10)! She. Had. NO. Idea! I LOVE surprising my mom! The expression on her face is priceless. This also makes two years in a row that I was part of something that surprised her. What can I do next year?! **Mom, you'll probably be on your toes, huh, and expecting something, won't ya? Guess I'll just have to be clever about it!**

10.We enjoyed a week trip to Lake Okiboji with William's mom and dad while we were visiting in August. This week trip was also very nice ... lots of fishing and a great stay in their condo! BEAUTIFUL!

11. Demolition and construction continues on our master bathroom. Believe me! I CANNOT wait until it's finished!!!! I miss being able to brush my teeth and do my hair in OUR master bath... those tools that William got for Christmas are about to get dust on them... and that's not dirt dust, but saw dust!

12. We went to the squadron Christmas party ... hadn't been in about 11 years. No joke. The last "visit" to a squadron Christmas party was back in 1999. We really enjoyed ourselves and HOPE that next year's party is better and not so agenda-like. Fun is the key. ;)

13. Ohh!! Can't leave joining the PWOC here at Nellis AFB off my list. It's been so great to be part of such a great women's Bible study group. The ladies of PWOC, no matter what base you go to, are supportive, encouraging, and love unconditionally. It's been great getting to know a few of them (because that's all I know)... even if all of our days here in Las Vegas are numbered. Love You Ladies!

14. God has also blessed us with a great friendship with one of the guys and his wife from the shop! We've had many game-playing nights... full of laughs, competition, and fun!! We really look forward to many more game nights and more getting to know them!!

15. There are so many other things during 2010 that I can list, but maybe I should go ahead and stop now.  I look forward to the NEW coming year and all that it has in store... the good, the better, and the stormy.

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading the recap of 2010 (and the rest of my blogs).... "see" you guys next year....

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