Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bragging rights...

I've always known to be a very blessed woman to have such a wonderful husband and an amazing father to our children. William loves unselfishly. He cares without doubt. And when you see him with our kids, you can tell he has to be the best father on earth (o.k. so I also know that you'd say the same thing about your husband's, but I am so serious about mine) ;) -- especially to care and love and show attention EQUALLY to THREE children!!! :)

Well, I had a CPR/First Aid/AED class I HAD to take to get my certification, last night, in order to continue the employment process at my job. While I was away last night... my very awesome husband and father to our three children...

1. Cleaned the kitchen, to include unloading and reloading the dishwasher... as well as washing all pots and pans and stoneware by hand. I seriously hate to admit this, but because I was so engulfed in school work on Monday (in which I ended up going to bed at 3 a.m. on Tues. morning), I had NO time to clean the kitchen.

2. He baked, well sort of. Technically the oven wasn't involved, but the items he made were sweets. Our close friends and family know that William can bake, and they also know that he has a VERY sweet teeth!! So he made two batches of no-bake cookies and a big batch of rice krispy treats... all while including the kids!!! :) I love that about him!!!

So I just had to take a time-out and brag about my husband. I truly am a very blessed wife AND mother... I definitely do not take it lightly. THANK YOU GOD!!! :)

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