Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mount Charleston & Port-a-potty Explosions

What a yucky title for a blog, right? It's the only thing that comes to mind. Sorry. Today, we drove up to Mount Charleston to enjoy some sledding... no snowman making this time, but was going to save that for sometime in January. Well, now we're going to make our next trip up to Mount Charleston a bit longer. This trip will include sledding, snowball fights, and snowman building!! Corey has been telling us that we need to make a snowman with a CARROT nose, so that's what we'll do.

*Last Year's (Jan. 1, 2010) Snowman*

Soo... why the pretty yucky title? Well, as we drove up to Mount Charleston, we drove up on Kyle Canyon Rd. No biggy. Our favorite spot by Mary Jane Falls was taken, but that's no biggy, either. So, we headed back down the mountain and was going to go ahead and take the Lee Canyon Rd over to the area by the ski resort. That's what we did. But first... potty break. Kids didn't have to go and neither did I, but William went ahead and went. We stopped at the Visitor Center, so at least the toilets are decent. I should have just went there, but didn't have to go. Should have done what we do to the kids and MAKE myself go. But I didn't.

Here are a few pictures of our travels up Mount Charleston. I couldn't take anymore pictures of the rest of our travels because I had to potty so bad! Sooo not fair because the scenery is so beautiful!!

As we drove around to the other side of the mountain, I got a very strong urge to have to potty. NOT good! No toilets in sight, or at least the ones that were in sight were closed because of the amount of snow that Mount Charleston had gotten. *sigh* Should have just made myself go at the Visitors Center. Guess what I won't be allowed to do? Miss another potty break... just like a kid!

The further we go up the other side of the mountain, the more people there are... and BAMM! There are some port-a-potties! I was so thankful that there were some available for use. No kidding! For those who know me ... I DO NOT like going to public restrooms that even appear to be slightly dirty, let alone disgusting port-a-potties!! G.R.O.S.S! Well, to my complete and utter disappointment, we turned around by the ski resort because those restrooms are for CUSTOMERS ONLY. We headed back down the ski resort side of the mountain back to the port-a-potties. Well, I was totally disgusted by the *shivers at the recall* ... but totally disgusted by the sight. YUCK!!! NO WAY was I going to go into one of those. I couldn't anyway because the only type of person that could, seriously, use one of those was a man... only if he had to do the #1.

Sooo..... since there were no other port-a-potties and we knew we had left some really good spots to go sledding, we headed back down the mountain. We had travelled clear out to Indian Springs. Just. To. Use. The. Bathroom. Sad, huh? But a woman's gotta do, whatta woman's gotta do, right?

By the time we got to the gas station, I really felt like the whites in my eyes were YELLOW! It probably looked like I jumped out of the truck at the gas station door -- I had to go THAT. BAD. *Thank you, Honey, for dropping me off so close to the entrance!* Anyway, I was behind a woman in line who looked like she had just come from Mountain Charleston, herself (her and the guy that she was with). It felt like I stood there for at least 10 minutes! I kept thinking in my head: "PLEASE! PLEASE hurry up!! Stop doing your hair or make-up or whatever. You look pretty already!! PLEASE! HURRY! UP!"

Let me just say, that conversation in my head that I had... didn't make her hurry up anyway. But I seriously did NOT want to wet my pants there in front of any customers that had come into the station. I had already shed a few tears on the way down the mountain and while travelling on I-95 out to Indian Springs. Sad, huh? Now I can fully tell you what a child feels like when they have to go to the bathroom sooooo bad that they cry because they don't want to pee their pants.

*It's really okay to chuckle at this post. Really.* I just wanted to share with you our sad time of NOT being able to go to sledding. BUT, at the same time, the scenery is always great because we all really appreciate it even more. Living in the desert certainly has it's drawbacks. Plus, the kids are happy that our next trip up will last even longer -- HOPEFULLY!!

WARNING: PLEASE use the Visitor Center Restroom BEFORE heading to the ski resort side of the mountain. By the time you get to that side, you're gonna wish you had!!!

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