Monday, December 6, 2010

Wow! Has it seriously been ....

Good golly Miss Molly -- has it seriously been that long?! I'm still here folks. I'm sorry I've been away ... there were things I needed to get straightened out with work, sleep, school, sleep, and work.


1. I am no longer working at Kohl's. Working into the late evening is NOT my thing. How do people do this? This whole working past 10 p.m.?! That's crazy! Well, maybe it wouldn't be so crazy if I wasn't a full time mommy, wife, homeschool teacher, student, AND trying to work to bring in some extra moolah. Yep - that's probably it.

2. I have been so tired lately. I don't know if it has a great deal of being drained from Kohl's, or just that my body is trying to tell me something. Could I really be getting old and that it doesn't like all this running around? OR - better yet, if I were in better shape, my body may not dislike all the running around so much? Hmm .....

3. I have a different job. Yes, I did decide to get a different job. If I'm going to college, I need to get started in the health care field. I am OFFICIALLY a trained and certified Personal Care Attendant -- a.k.a. home health aide. I CANNOT wait until I get my first client. I LOVE the elderly folks. They're so cute -- even the grumpy ones. :) Noooo -- I'm seriously not crazy or weird or anything like that. I really do love elderly people. :)

4. We are a-go with getting some bills paid off and getting things organized for the remodel of our master bath. I WILL DEFINITELY post a few before pics and then the after pics when we finish. P.S. The remodel probably won't be done until late February ..... just in time for my aunt, uncle, and cousins to come and visit!! YAY!! CAN'T wait for that either!!!

5. I'll try to NOT leave y'all tapping your fingers for so long while you wait for another blog. Sooo glad things are getting back to normal around here in our household!

HOPE everyone is having a great holiday season! Christmas is right around the corner now....are you ready? :)

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