Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scrappin' Time

Apart from my busy life ... homework for classes that are condensed into 5 weeks of learning verses 8-10 weeks, homeschooling our three kiddos, being a wife and hoping that I'm doing a good job at it, taking care of our home which sometimes I don't do such a good job, <---- but that's okay because it's still presentable for guests, and working with William on remodeling our master bathroom ... I am taking a break from it all for 8 hours this weekend. It's my need to catch some fresh air and do something that doesn't involve anything strenuous, other than what to put on a 12x12 page. That's. It.

What will I be doing? I'll be scrappin'. NOT fighting. That's scrapbooking for those who aren't proficient in scrapbooking lingo. ;) I haven't done any scrappin' since early 2008 ... that's almost 3 years! Crazy how fast time has gone. It's funny ... while looking at the pages, which is a very small number of them, I can remember when I did the pages. I've even got a special page from an old friend of ours and my first scrapbook page was done with her, too. It definitely brought back some sweet memories. I miss those days!!

Apart from continuing to learn new scrapbooking skills, I do agree with the kids ... my skills at taking photos has improved GREATLY!! Since I'll be scrapbooking on a regular basis now, I'm going to subscribe to Shutterfly's package deal ... 600 prints for $54! That's a DEAL!! And that's A LOT of photos!!! And that's A LOT of scrapbook pages waiting to be completed!!! :)

I'm happy ........... oh! And I've been informed by Andrew (our oldest child who is 11.5 years old) that I should make each of the kids an album that they can take with them when they move out. This is so they'll have those memories with them, too. Hmm ... he's right. A good album full of memories is always great to look at, especially when you're missing family. And according to him, he wants to go into the military ... "just like dad". <---- he'll need that album while he's away from his family, huh? More motivation to get these scrapbooks done. I'm excited!!!

By the way ... scrapbooking is so much more fun than just inserting photos into a photo album. There's more depth given to the photos on the page ... and depending on what layouts and embellishments are used, the page helps tell the story of the photos.

P.S. I have been told by all three kids and my wonderful hubby that they can't wait to see what pages I complete tomorrow. Well, technically it's today since it's already Saturday. Can they really be as excited about these pages as me?! Guess I'll be finding out soon ....

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Lacey said...

I love to scrapbook, it was what filled my life with such joy in the UK. I moved to digital when we came back to the states and kept up UNTIL I went back to work. I haven't scrapped regularly since November 2006 and I miss it but there just never seems to be enough hours in the day :(.