Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Randomness: Pants on the ground

This is so random. I can't help it but to post this because I read this news article about a city in Georgia having the RIGHT idea .... PULL THOSE PANTS UP BOYS and keep your pants up girls!!

Then I went to my Facebook to post the news article and a friend had post a super funny pic:

I laughed so hard! HA HA. Seriously, though, how many sons would stop dressing this way if they had mature fathers who did just as their sons were doing to show how disgusting it is, instead of condoning them to keep showing the colors of their underpants or boxers to the world? In the words of our dear daughter: "That's so GROSS!!!"

Who all remembers this audition on American Idol?

Okay ... I promise I won't do this ALL the time. I just couldn't help it. Laughter is good medicine.

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