Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Or The Other

I have two doctor appointments this week. Two. Both for me. Oh! And they just so happen to be consecutive days (Tuesday and Wednesday). I have to tell you something: I do NOT like going to the doctor. I do not like going. I would much rather "play doctor" with Google. Come on now, I know you've done the same thing. :)

One appointment (Tuesday, today) is an ultrasound to hopefully shed some light as to why my menstrual cycles put me in so much pain. Such agony. Torture. The pain has gotten progressively worse, to which I cannot bare it anymore. The first 24-48 hours accompanies so much pain that I literally shed tears. This last one was not as painful, but the clotting was pretty grotesque. I believe this appointment will either do one of two things: 1. Reveal that everything is fine and the pain I just have to endure. Or 2. It will show that I must have my womanly bits removed.

The second appointment is for a tubal reversal (Wednesday). Yes, we are considering a tubal reversal. Why? We have no idea and cannot fully explain it. To be honest, it is quite exciting, yet very puzzling as to why WE would give much thought to this. Having another child would be like starting all over again. We would be in our 50's when the child is 18. I will barely be 41 when our (now) third child turns 18. To even consider this, we truly believe it something God has placed on our hearts for whatever reason.

Keep this in mind: We have been in our current city for 3.5 years. Prior to coming here we had a consult to see about a tubal reversal. Everything was a-go and when going back for the follow-up, the doctor actually asked us "Do you want to have it done now?" Back then, the technician who did the ultrasound actually noted that I "was a perfect candidate for a tubal reversal". Have things changed much with my body to make me NOT a perfect candidate for a tubal reversal? We shall see when we have another ultrasound done for my tubal reversal consult (Wednesday). OR the appointment on Tuesday reveals that it would be best to remove my womanly bits due to other health ailments. Health ailments. Yes. I will leave it at that. If you knew the health problems that have plagued my mother and grandmother, you would completely understand why.

Honestly, I have doubted that this is even a good idea since we are nearing retirement from the service. At the same time, this feels right. I also want to add that it is my husband who has been talking about babies A LOT lately. So I asked him if he wanted to see about a tubal reversal and he said "Sure. Why not?" I was a bit shocked, to say the least.

I will keep you in mind when I hear the results of what is going on with my menstrual cycles; as well as whether or not we can have a tubal reversal done or not. Never know, we may be able to. OR ... my Tuesday appointment may reveal that it is best to remove all of my southernly, womanly bits.

P.S. Womanly bits just sounds funny. ;)

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