Sunday, May 6, 2012

Freedom and Salvation. There is a difference.

One of the things that I LOVE is when God gives a revelation to something that you never gave much thought to before; whether you are either listening to something on the radio, hearing a message on a Sunday morning, chatting with a friend, and the like.

Something new. Something fresh. Those "ah-ha" moments. I. LOVE. THEM.

Last Wednesday I was on my way to a friend's home. While I was listening to a Christian radio station, a short message called "Reaching Your World with Luis Palau" came on the radio. The title of the message is "He Gives You Eternal Life" and you can view the message here in its entirety. This particular message brought about a question I asked in my spirit and then received an answer I believe that I got from the LORD. A revelation to the "why".

John 10:28 
"I give them eternal life.
They will never perish and no one can snatch them out of my hands."

Bunny trail: Me being open with you about one of my beliefs:
While I have always known AND believe that Jesus died for my sins (and the sins of the world). While I accepted Jesus "into my heart" at age 7 at church camp, only to later walk away from Him. While I completely understand that "once saved always saved" is something that some denominations preach -- this is not what I believe. I do believe that you can turn your back on Jesus to the point of losing your salvation, even after being "saved". Yes -- this belief is something that has caused division in the church. Scripture speaks very clearly.

As the Bible is ONE Book, ALL scriptures must be taken together IN CONTEXT to understand its meaning, given through the Holy Spirit. This link is a great example and explains more clearly the Scriptures in which I am talking about (from my bunny trail). Every single view expressed in the link is not directly represented as my view, but it is close.

Anyway, after hearing Luis Palau give a short word on "He Gives You Eternal Life", I asked the LORD: "Why is it so hard for people to grasp that YOU died for THEM?" And it was like He replied to me with "Yet, it is so easy for people to accept that the military have died for their freedom."

It was as clear as day. No clouds in sight. Completely. 100%. Clear.

Some may actually know someone in the military who has given their life on the front line for freedom. Yet, many do not know a single person who has died for their freedoms, and still they accept the fact that these military folks have laid their lives on the line for their freedoms. These freedoms are temporary. Have you realized that these freedoms that our military fight for are temporary? At any moment in time our government, the same government that our military works for, can take away many of our freedoms that we enjoy.

However, the freedom of eternal life in heaven was bought and paid for, by Jesus, to which NO ONE can take away from you. Not a single living soul can take YOUR eternal life [in heaven] from you. It is a gift. It is a choice. It is only yours if you receive it. Not everyone will.

It is a choice.

So many cannot and/or choose not to accept that Jesus died for their sins to give them everlasting life in Heaven with Him, when our time on earth is done. They cannot accept that ONE SINGLE MAN did this for them. Yet, it is so easy to accept that our military men and women have died for our freedoms -- people we cannot meet. Jesus we can -- through Scripture and prayer -- we can have a PERSONAL relationship with Him, and someday we will stand before Him (to which we WILL MEET HIM face-to-face) to which we will know whether we will have eternal life with Him in Heaven; or, eternal life without Him in Hell.

Have you accepted Jesus as your personal LORD and Savior? Have you accepted to walk with Him in a personal relationship?

I apologize for such a long blog post, but I had to share this revelation. Something that I haven't given much thought to. Two things which I have known. But never have even compared. Makes perfect sense to me. I hope it does to you, as well.

Remember: Freedom is temporary. Salvation is eternal. Eternity is forever.

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