Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy 32nd To Me

Happy 32nd Birthday to me ....

1. I was born in 1980.
2. I started church at 7 years old.
3. I come from a large, but small family. It is too complicated to explain.
4. I love with my heart on my sleeve. Please be nice.
5. I am an unconditional friend. I am your friend without condition. You do not have to bribe me. I am there for you anytime you need me.
6. I (secretly) love my dress, hair, and facial expression in my kindergarten picture. I wish I had the picture, I would show you.
7. I got married with a parent's permission from the notary.
8. I was 17 years 9.5 months old when I got married in February 1998.
9. I married my husband, to whom I only knew four months prior. We have been married 14 years already! Time flies when you are having fun, right?!
10. I have three children. Two of them should be twins. At least they act like it. The oldest is my mini giant. He is taller than me and is only 12 years old.
11. I started college in June 2004. I have taken roughly a total of 3 years off from college. I still do not have a degree. Yet.
12. I think my daughter and I are a lot alike. It makes me happy.
13. I am a lot like my own mother. She is my "other" best friend.
14. I have an unwritten rule as to how many best friends I can have. I have to be able to count them on one hand. Silly. I know. ;)
15. I started back to church and in a relationship with Jesus in September 2005. Jesus is my first love. Yes, He replaced my husband. THAT is the right order. <3
16. I am a military spouse.
17. I love my military man. I would do this lifestyle for the rest of my life. Over and over again. I support him more than he could possibly imagine.
18. I have lived in England twice for a total of 7 years. I miss it a TON!
19. I love four seasons. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter.
20. I dislike that the desert living only has 2 seasons: Spring and Summererer. Summer lasts too long here.
21. I got "my" first vehicle at the age of 31. A Chrysler 200. It was sleek!
22. I LOVE to cook.
23. I LOVE to bake.
24. I do not cook or bake as much as I would love.
25. I am so excited to move to our new duty location (God knows where - seriously, I would love it if He would tell us where).
26. I cannot wait to start my family child care business.
27. I am such a planner. God made me this way. :)
28. I am NOT looking forward to the day when our kids move out.
29. I am looking forward to my husband and I retiring to spend more time together. Something we talk about often. <3
30. I miss my mama more than words could ever describe.
31. I am thankful to have met so many sweet friends. It is the bittersweet part of being a military family.
32. I am looking forward to the coming year. Life is an adventure. So much to always look forward to.

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