Monday, April 16, 2012

Fitness Blurb #4

I forgot to mention in my Fitness Blurb #3 about the supplements that I am taking as part of my regime with the LiveFit program and healthy eating.

Currently, I am using supplements from the It Works! line. I love how the products are more natural and contain high quality ingredients. My distributor for It Works! is wonderful!! And yes, the links for It Works! are linked to her website. Check it out. I've heard all good news about It Works! supplements AND the It Works! wraps. I have also tried the wraps. To answer your question of whether or not they work: YES they do.

SIDENOTE: I am consuming roughly 1500 calories per day at the moment. That will increase as I get further into the program and am lifting more weights AND incorporating cardio. At the moment the LiveFit program does not have me doing cardio. It's pretty much off limits. Trust me, I am NOT a fan of NOT doing cardio as part of losing weight and/or becoming fit. However, I understand why Jamie Eason has this program set up this way. We shall see how everything goes as I near the end of the program.

Right now, because of where I am in the LiveFit program, I am taking 1 pill from the ThermoFit and 2 pills from It's Vital. If I were consuming more fat and carbs, I would take the FatFighter. The It Works! line and Jamie Eason's LiveFit program are not related and/or do not support each other in any way, that I know of. I am just choosing to take my supplements on a regular basis as I do the fitness program. **Just thought I'd throw this out there.**

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