Monday, April 16, 2012

Fitness Blurb #3

As I promised you last week, here is a list of foods I ate for my week 1 of the LiveFit program:

**Typical Breakfast:**
Yoplait Greek with Nature Valley Granola ***Why Greek yogurt? Greek yogurt has twice as much (plus a little extra) protein, than your typical yogurts. Protein is good for muscle building, muscle rebuilding. Muscles are a good thing, even if they do weigh more than fat. Muscle is what keeps your metabolism revving so that you burn calories and fat. Plus, having those lean muscles as I age will help deter from other major issues like back problems, falls, etc.***

Yoplait 2x Protein Yogurt

Oroweat Sandwich Thins -- 100% Whole Wheat **It's important to choose breads that are 100% WHOLE WHEAT, rather than breads that say 'whole wheat' because 100% whole wheat breads do not contain any white flour, whereas those that say 'whole wheat', do.
Egg Beaters
Kraft American Cheese slices

**Typical Lunch**
Starkist (the brand I prefer) chunk light tuna in water
Multi Grain Crackers (original multi seed)
Best Foods Mayo w/Olive Oil

Hormel Chili turkey w/beans (1 cup Thurs; 1/2 cup Friday)

Nature's Own 100% whole wheat bread
Oven roasted turkey breast
Mayo w/olive oil
Kraft American cheese slice

Grilled chicken tenders (Jack-in the-Box)
1/2 small seasoned curly fries (shared w/my honey)

Sunday: Chuck E. Cheese: Salad bar x2.
Atop my salad I put raisins, mushrooms, diced ham and ONE spoon of lite ranch. NO cheese.

**Typical Dinner**
Monday: Hot turkey and cheese sandwich
Nature's Own 100% whole wheat bread
Best Foods mayo w/olive oil
Oven roasted turkey breast
Kraft Medium Cheddar Block Cheese (1 oz -- thin sliced)
Extra Virgin Light Olive Oil (1 tbsp)

Treasures From the Sea Flounder Fillets
EVOO (1 tbsp)
Whipped topping--french vanilla **I'm sure this could have been left out, but it wasn't. I usually eat strawberries with whipped topping. There is seriously nothing wrong with having some that satisfies the sweet tooth, as long as it's small and in moderation.**

6" wheat hoagie
Armour turkey meatballs
mayo w/olive oil
Kraft American cheese

Flounder (8oz -- about 4 fillets)
Medium Chedder Cheese (4 oz -- little less than 1/2 thin slice) **Kids were having grilled cheese this night and the cheese looked good so I ate it.

Raising Cane's Texas Toast **Bad choice. I know. But oh well. Seriously, the worst part of this bread is that it's white, instead of 100% whole wheat. *Shrugs* **
Raising Cane's Sweet tea (32oz). **WASTE of calories. I won't do this again. Well, unless I've been doing absolutely awesome, which I think I did for the whole week. No, I wasn't rewarding myself with food (or drink in this case). I just wanted a really good sweet tea.**
Oven Roasted Chicken Breast on wheat bread w/lettuce (Subway)
Chipotle Southwestern Dressing (roughly 1 tbsp)  

Top Loin boneless/skinless pork chop (5.2 oz)
Italian Style Arborio Rice (1/4 cup rice made w/2 tbsp EVOO and NO butter as cooking directions suggested) **I just have to say that this rice is absolutely AWESOME!!! It's delicous. I may have to make it once a week. Or maybe I'll do every 10 days since it makes enough for me to have roughly 3 servings (spread out over several days, of course). :)

Sunday: Easy day of NO cooking dinner since we went to Chuck E Cheese and I was still full from my two salads at lunchtime.
Italian Style Arborio Rice (leftovers--I ate 2 servings)

**I'm not going to list the a.m. and p.m. snacks separately, but here are the kinds of snacks I ate during the day. Keep in mind, I did my workouts from the LiveFit program on Mon-Thurs, so the p.b. and honey sandwich you'll see is because of those workouts.

A.M. & P.M. Snacks
1/2 Clif Bar (protein bars) (carrot cake, chocolate almond fudge
Nature Valley 100% Natural Protein Chewy Bars (peanut, almond, and dark chocolate)
100% whole wheat bread w/1 tbsp Jif P.B. & 1 tbsp honey
Mozzarella String Cheese
Light Vanilla Silk milk (2 cups) w/2 scoops whey chocolate protein powder

So there ya have it. This is what I ate during last Monday, 9 April and Sunday, 15 April. My eating will stay similar. In place of flounder I may have chicken, lean cuts of steak, shrimp (w/o breading or frying), and other kinds of fish.

I am sure I could have made some better choices with some of the meals, but it is what it is. I won't beat myself up when I slip up. I don't believe in down DAYS, but I do think it's okay to have a down MEAL. Those meals will come. As you can see, Friday I had a sweet tea AND a texas toast. NOT the greatest of choices, but seriously, I am not a robot, nor am I a fitness fanatic. I am simply me. Tina. A gal trying to become more fit, lose weight, more healthy, and be a remodel for our children. That's all. There will be things I will change as I go along in the program, but for now, this is what's working.

Here I go onto Week Two!!!! Wish me luck!

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