Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Journey Through Fitness: Blurb #1

Today is the day. The day that many have asked me to do. To share with them about my weight-loss. Do you want to go on the journey with me? We may not be neighbors, live in the same city, or really even know each other, but at least we can still go on a journey with one another. Right?

I will share what has worked for me in the past, what I incorporate as new, and what things I try that don't fit for me. I hope you decide to take this journey with me. Please, please leave a comment and tell me how you're doing. I would absolutely love your feedback, hear your successes, and encourage you when the going gets tough.

A lot of the things that I do now for fitness are things that I have learned, mainly through research and reading fitness blurbs here and there. I have tried so many fitness programs, or shall I say -- diet regimes, but they have always led me back to where I started.  I don't like those types of journeys. I like to keep going and moving forward. I got so tired of that vicious cycle, that when my honey deployed in July 2012, I vowed not to take that same circular rollercoaster, again. Period.
**Let me just say: I am NOT a fitness expert, nor am I some sort of fitness trainer. I have not had any sort of training in either of these three areas.**

From the day my husband left, I ate well, exercised, and drank lots of water. Did I have those days where I ate the "bad" foods like pizza and fries? Sure did. Did I have those days where I'd eat candy and drink full sugar soda? Yep. Did it make me feel bad about what I was doing? Nope. Why should it? I truly believe that if I would have starved myself from those cravings, my weight-loss from July 2011 to January 2012 would have been different.
Now, as I embark on a 12-week fitness program, Day 2 of this program actually, my confidence in completing the program is high. This program isn't one that I plan to just do and then go back to whatever I was doing prior. To be honest, after my honey came home from the deployment, I got comfortable, again, gained 10 pounds and for the most part quit working out on a regular basis. He is also doing a 12-week fitness program with a guy from his shop. So while we are both doing different fitness programs, and while we may not ever workout together, we are becoming healthier together and working out together. It's so much fun!!

**If you want to take a look at the program that I am doing, you can check out the LifeFit 12-week trainer by Jamie Eason here.**

Each week during this program, I will post about my progress for the previous week. Next week, week two of the program, I will actually post about week one. I'll post the workouts that I did, the weights used, and the meals that I ate. I am not following the 12-week program verbatim, as far as the meals go. I DO NOT want to become body builder ripped. I want to become lean, stronger, and more fit.
So, will you join me? Whether you plan to do your own program or even one from this site. I hope you plan to become a healthier you.

For you.

For your children.

For your family.

Even for your friends.

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