Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The More You Know ....

On Monday, William and I went shopping. "The more you know, the more you ..." Who knows what this phrase ends in?? Any takers?? Okay, if you said "Kohl's", you're right!! *applause*

The one thing you must know about my husband and I: We do not like spending lots of money on clothes; especially if the clothes are for our three growing children! 

Anyway, they were all in need of jeans and tops. So we went shopping ... and we got


We even got Andrew a shirt off the clearance rack for $1.40! We got a $65 Vans zip-up hoodie for Andrew for $13!!

We did buy a few things that weren't on the clearance racks, but still ... would you like to hear our savings?? *Sure you would!*

TOTAL SAVED: $596.32!!!

We had a 30% off discount coupon which saved us an additional $68.23. AND ...

We had a $10 coupon which we got in the mail just for being "loyal customers"!! :)

Our total? $172.07 WITH tax!!

That's 9 items for Andrew (he needed the most). 3 items for me. 6 items for Mariah. And 4 items for Corey. William didn't get anything because he couldn't find anything that he really liked. Corey didn't get much 1. because we couldn't find anything else on clearance and 2. he already has enough clothes. His favorite item is this shirt: I got a pair of khaki capris and khaki pants, and a shirt. I couldn't find anything else that was on clearance which I liked. Wait! I take that back. I found several items that I liked on the clearance racks, but when we checked the prices they weren't marked on clearance!! Boooo for that, too, because I did like all the items that I put back. Guilt would hang over my head so bad if I would've paid those "sale" prices. Seriously.

I rarely ever go into Kohl's without a discount coupon, preferrably 20% off or more, and ALWAYS shop the clearance racks and rarely ever pay even the sale price for items ... the majority of the time it's all clearance.

I know to some this isn't huge, but we really like Kohl's clothing, the quality of the material, Kohl's "guarantee", etc.

What deals have you gotten lately??

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