Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Photo Challenge: Days 10, 11, and 13

I'm breaking the rules. I'm skipping day 9: Front door and day 12: inside your closet. *gasp* It's okay. There's plenty more days to show you. You'll be okay. I promise. I'll even be okay. I mean it! :)

I'm going to give you THREE more days of this photo challenge. All better now? I hope so. :)

Day 10: Self-portrait
I'm not sure what it is, but I REALLY DO like this photo of me. Very bazaar since I'm not a fan of photos of myself.

Maybe I like this photo because I'm in an element that I truly enjoy: the OUTDOORS (and it's GREEN)?? Maybe it's blueyness (Yes, I do know that is NOT a real word, but I like making up new words. Ask my husband.) in my eyes? Or the slight redness to my nose (it was pretty chilly when we started our way up to the higher portion of Mt. Zion.

Day 11: Makes you happy
It makes me happy that I have a husband who (in my eyes) is the greatest father to his children. One day I'll have a photo of him teaching the boys how to shave ... and that day, I'm afraid, is coming all too quickly.

Day 13: Blue
 Two of my FAVORITE (blue) photos are these two. These photos were taken one day on a drive from Indian Springs to Las Vegas, and only taken a couple SHORT days before my sweetness deployed. I was talking with the LORD in my heart and was simply telling Him that I could not, would not, nor would I want to go through this deployment without Him.

As I looked up (I was looking slightly to the right to hide a couple silent tears that streaked down my cheeks), this is what a saw.


The first photo is a cloud in the shape of the letter "L" with a heart next to it. Love. GOD IS LOVE.

The second photo is an outstretched arm and hand (the right cloud) holding onto a hand (the left cloud). This was God showing me that He was going to hold me (for as long it takes). That He would be with me. He wouldn't leave me, nor forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6). I love how the right cloud is MUCH bigger than the left cloud. AND I love how the right cloud looks like it has a very muscley (<--another made up word) forearm. *Even as I recall this moment while seeing these clouds and the love the LORD spoke into my heart, I tear up.*

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