Thursday, February 2, 2012

February photo challenge: day 1 & 2

I am going to embark on my first monthly photo challenge. A sweet friend posted the link (in the photo you see below) on Facebook (not her photo a day challenge creation). I looked up the blog and here is where you can go to the gal's blog page (that did create the photo challenge. <--- this gal is not my sweet friend that I speak about.

I'm not a photographer, by any means, but I LOVE to take photos!! :) I hope you enjoy each day's view from my eye.

DAY 1: Your View Today

Connect 4 Launchers with dad!! :) I love hearing the kids play
games with dad! Our daughter was doing schoolwork;
hence, why she's not in the picture.
I'm not very good at this game, just so ya know! ;)
DAY 2: Words

These are the first words that came to mind ...
so I wrote them out and now they hang nicely
 next to the computer desk! :)

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Ebony S said...

I love your view and your words!!! I had company and got a little behind, so I'll be double posting for a couple of days :D And thanks for calling me sweet, it's nice to know that cutting out most of the sugar from my diet does not affect my personality! haha.