Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things that make you go .... AHHH!!!!!!

Here's a new twist on that phrase: "Things that make you go, hmm" -- how about things that make you go ... AHHH!!! As in "I'm about to lose my cool..." or "One more time and I'm gonna freak!"

Let me explain ....

First: In my defense, I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking with my husband and sometimes my patience isn't as high as it should be when that's interrupted. Since our communication happens to be through video, having a working webcam is very important. EXTREMELY vital. Almost like a lifeline. So when this webcam doesn't want to work or decides it wants to play games, it may okay, it makes me want to pitch a massive fit! Like I'm three years old and I was just told I could not have a cookie.

Second: Looking for a fix or an update for the webcam, especially when the updates were applied to the computer a few days ago really will make you feel like you're losing your head and the problem cannot be fixed fast enough.

Here's the problem: When my husband and I would call each other on video (whether that's through Skype or ooVoo), the webcam would constantly cut out, then try to come back on, cut out, try to come back on, cut out, try to .... you get the picture. Well, in my case, this was driving. me. crazy! My husband is so patient with this sort of thing. While he was looking for a fix online, he'd say to me, "Sweetie, just be patient" and would say it in the nicest tone. Me? I felt like I was a lioness about to attack her prey. The prey? The integrated webcam on the laptop.

Isn't it funny what things we ALLOW to get us worked up? I seriously did try to, for a SPLIT SECOND, tell myself, "It's okay. At least you can still hear his voice." 

I restarted the laptop; we hung up and called each other back a couple of times, sometimes trying to use Skype over ooVoo. Nothing worked. Until ....

The solution: My husband found some forum or whatnot that had people talking about the same situation. A lot of them said this problem started when they did the updates for their computer. Oh great! That's what I just did a couple days prior. Hearing this over and over kind of just fueled the fire. Then, my husband read this one person's comment about how he or she had fixed the problem: Gently squeezing the area near the webcam and then it'll come on.

Okay, so I have to admit ... I was thinking "Yeah right! That's not gonna work!" What did I have to lose? Nothing. So I tried it, and guess what?! It worked!!! I'm not even playing. I pinched the area near the webcam, I'll admit -- probably not as gently as that person said to, but I pinched it nonetheless, and the webcam started working perfectly.

A little comedy: It became a joke between my husband and I: "How did someone figure that out? Did they just get made at it and say 'Oh yeah! You don't wanna work? I'll break you then!'" My husband said something along these lines and I seriously laughed so hard I cried. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. I said something like, "Why do I find that so funny?!" My husband said something like "Because give you a few days and you would have figured it out just like that person did." We seriously thought it was hilarious!!!!

I'm sharing with you how I DO lose my cool from time-to-time, and I DO lose my patience over the craziest of things ... please don't look at me differently. For this instance, it's not things that make you go, hmm .... it's .....

Things that make you go, AHHHH!!!!!!

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