Thursday, January 12, 2012

I am still learning ...

Over the past two weeks there are a few things that I have learned and am continuing to learn (in no particular order):

1. Since I do not know how to make espresso or even a homemade cappuccino (probably because I don't have the right machine and know-how, right?), I've learned to make myself a good cup of coffee! YUM!

2. To go along with number one, I have learned that this goooood cup of coffee is also good cold! Who would've thought?! Not me, for sure! YUM x 2 = Yumminess!!

3. Sometimes what I think is fair and right, is not always fair and right, and ONLY GOD has the right purpose for that being so.

4. As much as I want to be a very organized person, I don't know if that's absolutely possible anymore. Things get too chaotic and I get too overwhelmed and well, I'm just one person. It's hard.

5. I have been getting quite annoyed over the smallest things recently and I don't like this a single bit!! Please make it stop.

6. Things can't always be my way. I equate this "has to be my way" and the "I'm right" characteristic to being the oldest child. It's not my fault ... I didn't ask to be born first. LOL. Patience is NOT a strong point of mine ALL the time (especially lately).

7. Homeschooling is becoming A LOT more frequent and is going A LOT more smoothly. I read in a blog somewhere that some homeschool parents just "get it" within the first year, and others could take three years. Really?! Well, I'm that three year parent. I still do not have the right curriculum that I want to use with the kids, but we'll work on that. For now, organization and "just keep moving" is really important.

8. Remember to remain quiet .... a.) until you have all of the necessary information and b.) when you have the floor to speak. <---- This one is often a hard one for me to do, as well .... I know I can't be alone on this one.

9. I just might go back to school after all, and be able to finish my Bachelor's degree online! WOOHOO!! Still have to do more checking on that and what all I would need to do to transfer my credits, transcripts, etc., but I can still be excited about it, right?! :)

Since we are currently in the new year, what are some things you have learned over the last two weeks??
Please share ....

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Gail Purath said...

Lots of good, practical big and little things on your list, Tina. For me the new year is always a good time to think about my schedule and organizing my time. I'm in an easier place than you since my children are grown, but I once was a homeschool mom and military wife, and I know it's a big job! Bless you and thanks for featuring my blog on your sidebar! Gail (Bible Love Notes)