Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 5

Wow! We are finishing the Christmas Blog Carnival from Wives of Faith today. I feel a bit sad because I have enjoyed writing these short blog posts!

Today's topic is military related: You might be a military spouse at Christmas if ....

You postpone Christmas dinner and opening gifts until January or February, or March, or, or, or.... Christmas is a SEASON, after all, right? ha ha.

This is our second deployment through these holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.). Our first Christmas apart was 2007. We had the kids open up what they received from the squadron on Christmas Eve and then they opened up a couple gifts on Christmas morning.

For this Christmas, we have given the kids two options:

1. Open up their gifts on Christmas, with the exception of Christmas Eve pajamas; which they are so excited about because they can't wait to see what ones they get this year. Who would have thought that pajamas could be so exciting?! And waiting to open up the big gift when dad comes home.


2. Open up the Christmas Eve pj's, all clothing items on Christmas morning and one toy, and wait to open the rest until dad comes home.

All three of the kiddos answered simultaneously: "The second one!" One of them said: "We want dad here when we open up presents even if we have to wait a couple months."I absolutely LOVE where their hearts are!

Sure, we could do the whole video thing on Christmas morning, but honestly, the video thing is a bit sketchy a lot of the times. Plus, it's just not the real deal.

Anyway ... you might be a military spouse at Christmas time if you wait to do the whole Christmas gift opening and dinner eating until your military man comes home!
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Uncle Sam's Niece said...

That is awesome! I hope our children make a similar decision someday if my husband is gone for a holiday like that.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

We've been there! And we do Christmas Eve jammies too!! I found great ones this year on ETSY and I'm SO excited for my kids to open them because I know they're going to love them! :) It really IS silly to get excited over jammies, but it's the tradition! haha

Lacey said...

When Bryan deployed over Christmas, we didn't even put up the tree till he came back. Of course, Jacey was 2 so she still didn't understand but... :)

We do jammies and an ornament every Christmas Eve too.

Semper Wifey said...

That is so sweet! They love their daddy so much! Hope he comes home soon! :)

Pattie said...

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