Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 4

Wow! Today is already Day 4 of the Christmas Blog Carnival from Wives of Faith. I have truly enjoyed blogging these last few days on topics that I have not blogged about, yet. So thank you, Wives of Faith, for hosting the 3rd Annual CBC. :)

Without further ado, today's topic is: The Best Non-Material Christmas Gift Ever. I literally thought ... and thought ... and thought some more about this topic a few days ago. Then it dawned on me. Actually, I think it was the LORD showing me what He gave us, that we did not want to have any more of.

It was Christmas Eve 2002 when we found out about our little blessing.

You see, we were not walking with the LORD in our early years of marriage (that in itself could be many blogs in length). It was November 2002 when we met with a doctor to discuss having the IUD put in late December of the same year. Talking with my best friend about the IUD just yesterday makes my stomach turn for what doctors do not tell you. A lot of docs are all about being politically correct as a medical physician. <---- this is a different topic.

I truly did not think I was pregnant, but had to have a pregnancy test done before they would be able to proceed with another appointment. Christmas Eve 2002, I got the phone call from the Family Practice clinic at F.E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming (our 2nd duty station). The nurse said to me, "I have the results of your pregnancy test. The results show that you are pregnant. I hope this is good news." At that point in our life, being very selfish and only wanting two kids -- it was NOT the greatest news. I accepted it and was scared to death at how I would be able to care for three children when I could barely care for two.
Corey. August 2003.
Corey. November 2005.

I COULD NOT IMAGINE life without our youngest, Corey. He is our little comedian. He is the ball of fire out of our three children. He is also the greatest little helper that God has given us. I think he makes a point to make us smile every single day. And as I write this, I smile, complete with a twinkle in my eye.

October 2010.

I have spent the last two days recalling how God has blessed us with the perfect package that consists of our three children. They have always been close, and any of our close friends and family can attest to that. They are pretty inseparable. God has entrusted these three to our care, to bring them in the ways of the LORD, to teach them, to nurture them, and to prepare them for life. I cannot describe how incredibly grateful I am that GOD DID NOT give up on us.
July 2011.

The best non-material Christmas gift I have ever received was finding out that we were pregnant with our third child!

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Lacey said...

It is amazing the difference between our plans and God's :).