Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 3

Today's topic on the Christmas Blog Carnival is: Your Favorite Childhood Christmas Memory -- brought to you by Wives of Faith.

My dad as Santa Claus -- this is my favorite Christmas memory. Each year he would dress up as Santa Claus, and while we were all at my grandma's house (my mom's mom), Santa would come for a visit. My dad was the perfect Santa: beard, cheeks, and belly .... and the he did the special Santa jingle just right:

"HO-HO-HO! Merry Christmas!"
Me (6'ish yrs. old) and Santa Dad.

**My dad passed away June 1999. I was 19 years old and we were stationed in England; less than a month being due with our first child. I wish he was still around ... there is no doubt that our children and my sister's kids would LOVE seeing Santa walk through the door. He will remain, to me, the perfect Santa!**

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Anonymous said...

I love this!!!! brings a tear to my eye!!! it was always hard not to tell our cousins who santa really was!!! lol