Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WHOA! Where's the time gone?!

WHOA! Where's the time gone, my friends?! It's seriously been too long since I last blogged. I still have not had the time to figure out how to post photos as part of my blog. And now when will I find the time?

I start my temporary job at Kohl's on the 18th. CRAZY! I know. On top of everything I'm already doing, where in the world will I find the time? God only knows. At least this job is - only temporary. Only temporary because I know someday we will leave Las Vegas. Not soon enough, but at least for now I have a job that will help pay off our tiny bit of debt and help get our projects done around the house -- that's the most exciting part. :)

So, onward we go. Somehow I'll manage: homeschooling the three kids, working at Kohl's, and I start my college class on Oct. 26th. Just put me to sleep now so that way I can actually catch some zzz's while I still have some time to myself.

BTW -- I really am looking forward to Kohl's. It's one of my favorite stores, apart from Ross. :) Sooo ... let the craziness begin.

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