Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thrifty Finds Friday a few days late?

Hello Friends! I am embarking on a new column called Thrifty Finds Friday. Yes, I do know that it's not Friday, but I got seriously busy, and if I say that I will try REALLY hard to NOT let that happen again, will you forgive me? :) Anyway, I hope you like what's up for today's deals - which may or may not require you going to a store and/or website, making a purchase, and possibly using a coupon. So, here's two deals:

**With scents like Fresh Pine and Cedar or Pomegranate and Cranberries, either one will be sure to keep you in the holiday festivity spirit! Click here for the coupon offer.
Buy one 10 oz. 3-wick soy based candle or reed diffuser, get one free* from The Fragrance Collection by Glade(R). Up to a $6.99 value. Print coupon.
**I actually checked the price of one of these candles (both sizes were the same price) and that cost was $4. So, BOGO ... spend $4 and get a $4 product for free (prices may vary from store to store). That's a deal to me!**

Up next from my friend, Jen, over at Jen's Craft Corner are these super cute bloomers for your princess!
Little Diva Bloomers- Pumpkin Buns
**What a cute and great way to end the month of October!!**

Next week's edition will include finds to get you ready for Thanksgiving! :)

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