Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Saving ....

Hello folks! :) Welcome to the first edition of Thrify Thursday!! :) I may not always blog about specific ways to save money -- so today I have decided to post ways to save ....... CALORIES and FAT in CAKES!!

I got an email from Hungry Girl earlier this week. A portion of her email contained alternative, low fat cakes. I don't know about y'all, but I'm on the path to losing weight and am liking the steady decline in my numbers, my clothes are getting not so tight, and I just feel better - I have more energy and everything. Granted, since our vacation back home and the busyness of my life, I've had to lose the vacation pounds ... but now I am at my numbers before vacation, so now I can really say, "I'm losing weight". Over the next couple months, in between all the Thanksgiving fixins and Christmas goodie baking, I'll be checking out the different ways to make a low fat, low calorie cake. Here is the link to that particular Hungry Girl Newsletter. **In all of the below pics, you DO NOT add eggs, oil and/or water! That's where you're saving the calories and fat!**

**Be sure to check out the Hungry Girl Newsletter for other tips to making these cakes; including what cake mixes work best with the alternative addition.** 

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