Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DOCTORS!! ahhh!!

Mariah had a doc appt today for some pain she has been having in her lower back. The pain occurs around a dimple that she has in her lower back and goes about an inch to the right. I really think that this problem could be linked to the bladder/bowel issues she's having. Anyway, here is a copy to a comment I replied to on my Facebook:

I was told we were seeing Maj. Petterson-Belletier. She is AWESOME! Mariah and I, both, love this doc! She's the one that got us going to the ureologist down town for Mariah's bowel/urination issues. Well, one time we went in for a follow-up - this was earlier this year, which we were suppose to see Peterson for, but she ended up having to transfer all of her appts to another doc because of a mandatory testing that she HAD to go to ..... Anyway, this doc (Thomason) we seen ... WOW is all I can say. She was rude and mean to Mariah (who is very shy and not trusting of strangers - oh, I think she's a pretty good judge of character or the spirit within someone), didn't listen to the reason as to why we were there. Anyway, she's the one that put us off and she should have been the doc to refer us.

WELL, we were suppose to see Peterson TODAY - that's what was told to me by the guy who scheduled the appt last week. We got there, and low and behold, it wasn't Peterson we were seeing. It was Thomason. I feel like she just blows smoke out of her mouth. Seriously. Like she wants to sound like she knows what she's talking about.

When we were in the room prior to the exam room -- which doesn't make sense as to why they do that. Why don't they just have you in one room to take your vitals and keep you in that room because that's the room the doc will be seeing you in?! That's how they did it in England. Makes sense for germ control, too. But that's just my opinion.

O.k., back on track - I told the nurse that we were seeing Peterson today and she knows Mariah's history, etc. She looked at me and said, "Umm, Mariah's not seeing Peterson today, but she's seeing Thomason." Since I couldn't remember the name of the doc that we had seen earlier in the year (the one described above), I went ahead and stayed for this appt today. NEVER. AGAIN. I can't stand this doc. She did nothing for Mariah's pain in her back. And instead of doing more testing or even getting a second opinion, she said, "I'm not sure why she is having pain along her lower vertabrae. To be honest, it MAY be just inflamed. So for 7 days I want you to give her Tylenol, three times a day, to help with the swelling" (umm, Tylenol, really? because that's always the docs BEST medicine. And seriously - you just said that you didn't know what the reason was, but now you're saying it will help with the swelling? Yeah - whatever.) and so she then continues on and says, "And for 14 days I'd like her to do these sort of stretches (she continues to show me - they're the basic runner stretches. Lie on your back, bring one knee up, hold for 10 sec, let the leg/knee fall to the side and hold for 10 sec) and she continues, "I want you to due these for 14 days, 3 times a day, 10 times each, holding for 10 sec. each time."

Yep - there ya have it. Blowin' smoke!!! I'm a little upset that I have to schedule another appt with a different doc because Thomason is a useless doc in my book. Between me homeschooling the kids, going to be starting work on Monday, still trying to get over this gunk that I have, and then I'm starting my college class on the 26th, rescheduling to see a VALID doctor is ridiculous. BUT, at least I'll get a better prognosis for my baby girl.

I'm done now. ;)

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Ebony S said...

I'm so sorry your docs don't actually help. I have had lower back pain my entire life, and quit going to doctors altogether because I grew weary of the "Tylenol two-step" as I came to call it. Trying it again, although here in ___ it's hard to find caring care-givers. Praying for you and your daughter.