Thursday, March 28, 2013

Something New On Something Old

I love the smell of fresh wood -- especially pine. I love the dark lines and the small knots on planks of wood. I also love the fact that I now have a keyboard tray on my desk! Thank you so much honey -- you have no idea just how much it's appreciated!!! **batting eye lashes**

Okay, so umm ... where was I? Oh right, keyboard tray.

We were given a desk several, several years ago. It's not ancient, but it's definitely 5 years old, or older. While we were in England a friend was leaving country and did not want to take the desk with her, so she gave it to us ... for FREE! Who does NOT like free stuff raise your hand .... exactly! Free, especially in great working order is amazing! We agree with each other, right? **smiles and nods**

This desk has been without a keyboard tray for as long as we have had it. I do not know what happened to it prior to us receiving the desk and I really don't care because the desk is in GREAT shape, overall! It is definitely my most favoritest desk in all the land ... that I've owned. Not that I've owned land, but desks -- I've owned plenty of them. Okay, this is NOT a fairy-tale, must stay focused! :)

Anywho .........

I was contemplating on throwing out the desk and buying a new one. However, when I checked prices of desks that were of good sturdy quality (must be sturdy because we move around too much), the sturdy desks were just too pricey. Would you agree? That is when I decided to tell my husband that I was going to look to see how to make a keyboard tray, which also meant I would have to look up how to use a circular saw. My husband took it upon himself and did the tray for me. It was finished within one hour! He's such a handyman ... a jack of all trades ... except his name isn't Jack. Ha!

Oh-why-oh-why did we wait so long to create this keyboard tray? Not sure of the answer to that one, but I'm oh-so-glad that we have one!

Well, here is a picture of the keyboard tray attached to the desk .....

Don't mind the opened text book and notebook ... that's my college
math work I am supposed to be working on, instead of writing this
blog ... but talking with all of you is a whole lot more FUN! 

One of my projects after our move ... unless I decide to get all crazy in the next two months is to sand the desk down and refinish it in either
JAVA image from Amazon


My person favorite is the Java. Maybe partially because I like all things coffee, even in color, but also because I really like the dark, rich colors of paints and stains. There's something so very warm and inviting about that those colors.  

Do you have any projects you want to work on or are working on? Please do share! DIY is so much fun when we get to share the accomplishment or project with others!  

One more thing I just realized ... both of the stain choices that I have decided on either deal with drink or food. Hmm.... or is it Mmmmm! 

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