Monday, March 25, 2013

Yummy Greek yogurt dessert...for breakfast!

I have been trying to venture out and try new foods in hopes that I will not get bored with this healthy eating and weight-loss endeavor I am on. One of my quick go-to foods for breakfast is Greek yogurt. Only thing is that it cannot be eaten plain because I do NOT like the taste. I love sweet foods! Seriously, I compare myself to Buddy from Elf. He eats syrup on everything. What a great concept! Just kidding. Sort of. 
I do love things with a sweet and salty taste and don't like things to taste too mushy like baby food, either. 

**Here is a little bit of blast from the past: When I was 18 years old, I would eat baby food at times to keep my weight down. How silly! I pray my daughter does not have self esteem and self identity issues. I pray that she knows exactly how much she is worth in GOD's eyes and how much she means to HIM!**

Anyway, this morning I went to my go-to food: Greek yogurt. This time it is a plain Greek yogurt (typically it is a vanilla Greek yogurt) from Dannon. This morning I ventured away from my homemade fruit compote and tried something new: a cookie dough dessert with Greek yogurt. You will see in my food posts that if I share a link about the recipe more thank likely you will also get to hear how I changed it to suit mine and/or  my family's tastes.

Yummy breakfast to go along with my math work. :)
Here's what I did differently with this recipe: 
one extra tablespoon of mini chocolate chips 
10 whole almonds that I coarsely chopped
one tablespoon of amber agave nectar. 

Is there anything I would do differently? Tomorrow I will try it without the chocolate chips. I want to keep my foods as close to wholesome as possible. I will provide an update here whether or not the removal of the mini chocolate chips left me desiring for them to be reinstated. 

What are your typical go-to foods for breakfast?

**UPDATE: So, I tried the yogurt without the chocolate chips. One bite and I was wanting the chocolate chips in it. I also didn't realize that when I originally made it, the recipe called for vanilla and I didn't put it in there. So, again, I'll remove the vanilla and omit the chocolate chips just to see if it makes a difference. Hope you've been able to try this yummy concoction!** 

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