Friday, April 5, 2013

Small Goals Equal Bigger Goals

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One of my own self change goals for this year is to get into the best shape that I have been in for the past 10+ years. Every time I have been successful at losing weight and getting healthy, this success has been achieved by setting small goals.

In the fall of 2011 to the early spring of 2012 I had lost 35 pounds. Granted, a lot of my focus was on kids, healthy eating, and staying busy while my husband was away. And then the same 'ole happened -- I gained all the weight back within 6 months after he returned home.

I am flat out tired of that crummy cycle!!

So I'm making changes ...

Two of the "BIG TO ME" changes I have made is eating breakfast and getting in between 1200-1500 calories. In 2.5 weeks I have lost 5 pounds. Those 5 pounds have been lost by simply making these two changes. Next week I will add short timed HIIT exercises. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. In two weeks I will add an exciting treadmill workout that I have been wanting to try. No. I am not a runner. But, I wouldn't mind becoming a runner, again, because all these 5k charity runs sound like so much fun!

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What I have not done is set those small goals. I came across this chart while "surfing" Pinterest and it got me thinking about goals.

Lose 5 pounds. Check.
Next step: Lose 10 pounds. That's just 5 more pounds than before. Then, before I know it I will be on my way to losing pound 15, then 20, then 35, then 50, possibly 60 pounds! I understand that weight is a number and that not every person should be the same weight. And I also understand that muscle weighs more than fat, which is so bizarre given the mass size of fat compared to muscle. However, I am only 5'1.5" tall and know the health issues that run in my family. If losing weight and becoming more fit and active helps deter me from having some of those health issues, well then I am going to do it.

My other goal is to become healthy in food choices not only for myself, but for my kiddos and my husband. I want us to eat better, not have "bubbly" tummys (if you know what I mean), and be overall more healthy ... as a family. Weight-loss for one individual is better achieved when the whole family is in on it -- wouldn't you agree?

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