Monday, November 28, 2011

A Girl and Her Horse

One of our favorite weekly outings consist of taking Mariah to her horse riding lesson. She rides through the Horses 4 Heroes program. Her instructor, Carol, is absolutely amazing!! Her and Mariah work so great together.

The below picture is of Mariah on her horse, Pepper -- a.k.a. Peppy or Pep. Mariah adores Pepper. She even brings him a couple apples or an apple and a carrot every week. I am absolutely positive that Pepper knows Mariah because he is looking for those treats before Mariah has the chance to brush him out before she rides. They have a beautiful relationship! :-)

Two things that I love about the below photo: 1. Mariah is beaming with an ear-to-ear smile! 2. Pepper is sticking his tongue out! HAHA. I did not notice that until looking at this image a week ago.
Mariah and Pepper -- September 2011
I think the halter was left on Pep on purpose because he was having an attitude this day.
Hmm. Maybe he purposefully stuck out his tongue. ;-)

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