Monday, October 3, 2011

Kiddie Conversations

There is no doubt that all of us parents have over heard our children talking with each other or with other children. And there's no doubt that some of those conversations make us laugh. Our boys had one of those "funny" conversations today.

Corey to Andrew: That cloud looks like a turtle.

Andrew to Corey: You look like a turtle.

Corey to Andrew: Well you look like a girdle.

*At this very comment I seriously burst into laughter (on the inside because I didn't want to interrupt their conversation). I knew that Corey had no idea what this meant, and was sure Andrew didn't either. Plus, I knew Corey was only rhyming a word to turtle, and girdle seemed like the perfect word ... evidently! HAHA. :)

conversation continues ....

Andrew to Corey: You don't even know what a girdle is.

Corey to Andrew: SooOOO ... you don't either.

*Now I couldn't contain the laughter at all. I asked Andrew if he knew what a girdle is and he said no. So after I told him (and Mariah and Corey were listening) ... we all laughed for the longest time!!*

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