Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letting go ... of control ....

Sometimes in life we go through things that we're not sure why we have to go through them or even deal with them .... for extended periods of time. This is me.

It's funny how when life is going "smoothly" everything is a-okay. It's easy to pray. It's easy to worship God. Everything is just ... easier. But when trials come and linger, then we begin to question "God, I just don't get it. I don't understand." I've used that question. Oh - and this one: "How can things seemed to have been so right, but now they're so wrong?"

Well, I attended my first PWOC Bible study here in Las Vegas. Last time I attended PWOC was 2-3 years ago. Anyway, I got to talk with a dear sweet friend. I hold this woman in high-esteem as a Godly woman. Every time we talk, her speech blesses my heart. She KNOWS who the One is that cares for her; the One who has "her back"; the One who is there even when she, also, faces trials.

I took in our conversation on the drive home, as well as having a conversation with God. And He spoke these words to me, "Your frustration comes because you are not trusting Me." OUCH! Yep, there ya have it. Plain English. He said. It's definitely the TRUTH! So I talked some more with the LORD about this frustration and the lack thereof of trusting Him. I cried. If I just let go of this "wanting to be in control thing", everything will be less stressful and I won't be frustrated. If you can understand this, to me, EVEN trials are EASIER to go through when you're trusting in God to bring you through it, show you what you need to learn, etc. Seems easy enough. RIGHT?

Well, God said it. Now it's up it's up to me to do something about it. No, not the wanting to be in control, but the relinquishing the control to Him. After all, life is DEFINITELY better with Him in charge! :)

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