Friday, September 17, 2010

Sappy Romantic

So, last night we went out on a date. To me a date doesn't need to consist of any real special outing; it just needs to consist of my hubby and me, WITHOUT the kids. Anyway, we went to Wally World, grabbed some grub from Raising Canes, parked the truck in a bankparking lot overlooking the I-95, and ate our dinner and talked and talked. Romantic, huh? To me it was because it was with him! :) awww ......

BTW, I LOVE their sweet tea!!! Our home water isn't necessarily filtered or goes through some reverse osmosis, so we get to drink the nasty water of Las Vegas! Well, we do buy bottles and bottles of water every pay day because I just can't stomach their filth without it being colored by tea and a cup of sugar! I will or could (whichever comes first) pay $6+ dollars just so I can have some of their super awesome sweet tea, if this is what it's going to come down to. HA! Oh another BTW: Their tea reminds me of how mine tastes with the filtered/reverse osmosis water ... or just simply the water from Home-Sweet-Home (Iowa). :)

O.k. so where was I? Oh - right ... eating dinner with the love of my life. :) Anyway, we talked about the day, work, school, etc. And as we were talking, he said something *which I cannot disclose with y'all for fear of getting the evil eye* haha ... but he said something so hilariously funny that I laughed so hard I cried!!!

After a day in homeschooling like I had yesterday, crying from laughter was definitely a NEED!

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