Friday, March 25, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #35

Join in over at Wife of a Sailor.

1.What is your must have gadget?

Hmm... Since I am an online college student and homeschool mom, I am a going to go with our laptop or desktop PC. Beyond that? Cell phone.

2.How does your adulthood compare to what you imagined it would be like when you were a little kid?

Well, I don't have a house with a white picket fence. HAHA. But that's okay. I do have the best husband God created for me -- and THAT IS what I wanted. I am truly grateful!!

3.What is your favorite chocolate recipe?

Homemade Brownies ... specifically Hershey's Best Brownies recipe! YUM!! :)

4.How do you deal with military life when it gets to be to much or to hard?

Pray. Seriously. God is the only One who has taken care of me when my husband has been deployed. Sure, I have had friends, but God is the One who has always provided. And now that we are gearing up for another deployment, my hope, faith, and trust is in HIM to get my husband, my kids, and myself through round 3.

5.What piece of advice would you give a new Military spouse facing their first deployment?

Be patient. Sometimes the first few weeks can be the hardest as the military member gets situated and in position at their deployed location. Stay busy. Plan things weekly because it will help pass the time and give you (and the kids) something to look forward to. :) Apart from being patient and planning events, communicate and remember that the military member doesn't like the deployment any more than you do. So if they (the military member) isn't showing the 'sorrow' you think they should show, let it go. They do feel sad that they have to leave, but they have no choice.

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