Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just One Day Could Mean Forever

Who would have thought that signing up and starting a team would make someone so emotional. That the mere thought of doing something good would pull on the heart strings.

Maybe it is not necessarily the fact of signing up and starting a team that causes the great emotion. Maybe it is the fact that two of my friends, one of which is one of my best friends, is the reason why I signed up and started a team in the first place.

I decided to change my Facebook profile picture to a "Support Leukemia Awareness" badge in honor of my two friends. Doing something so little is not enough for me. I am not one to just "paint Facebook orange" to show my support. I already had plans to do some research on Leukemia and Lymphoma to become better versed on what exactly it is. Granted, cancer is such a broad word and no cancer is exactly the same, to include how it effects someone. I understand this. Did you know that SEPTEMBER is Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness month? Will you do something to help someone who has this ugly cancer?

It breaks my heart when my family and friends are effected by something so big, something they have no control over, something that leaves them with days and even years of uncertainty. But, what I find amazing is that when you are faced with something so big, GOD IS EVEN BIGGER! When you are faced with something you have no control over, GOD IS CONTROL! When the days and years are so uncertain, "Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever" Hebrews 13:8. God does NOT change! He is full of certainty!
You may not be able to join our team on the walk, but would you consider a donation? Something so small can go such a long way. A donation of $5 could mean no Starbucks for one day. A donation of $2 could mean no gas station stop for a soda or that morning coffee for one day. Just. One. Day. of giving something up could mean saving some one's life forever. 

You can click on the link under the picture or click here to make a donation. My heart is big, but the team goal is set at only $100. I would love for us to surpass that number greatly! Will you please help us?? Thank you so much for your generosity, your time, and your support.

Love ~ Tina.

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