Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The doorbell rang. That dreaded doorbell (or sometimes a knock). I do NOT answer the door when it is just myself and/or our three children at home. It has been a rule of mine since way back when. To be honest, I believe it was the fact of living in England and knowing there were gypsies that could come in and "occupy" your home. So the door stays locked and I do not answer it.

On this particular day, however, I decided to go against my very own rule. I answered it.

I was downstairs in the family room with our kiddos. I approached the stairs and peeked up at the door. The front door is at the top of the downstairs and at the bottom of the upstairs. Confusing, huh? Not really. We live in a split-level built home. *Did I trick ya?*

Anyway, I peeked up at the front door and seen the silhouette of what appeared to be a "little guy" at the door. I waited a brief moment and to see if he would leave. Nope. He was still standing there. So in my big brain (<---that's funny. haha.) I thought to myself, "He's a little guy. I can take him." I had what I am calling the "big-little-tough-girl-syndrome". You see, every time the doorbell rings I am on my guard and thinking the worst possible scenario. I am seriously thinking that this comes from the fact that we live in a  HUGE city. I am NOT a big city girl. Just a little FYI. I like living in smaller towns and cities where you do not worry about having a security alarm; plus, probably stems from the reason given earlier.

Back to the story ...

I walked slowly up the stairs, slightly crouching down because I was still hoping the "little guy" would leave. He did not. He was still standing there. As I neared the top of the steps, I seen flowers and thought "Aww!! Flowers?!" I opened the door slightly, since our miniature ankle-biter had followed me up the stairs. As I peered through the door that was opened roughly a foot, and my eyes fell on the "little guy", a HUGE SMILE lit up my face.

It was my husband! He had gotten off work early that day and stopped and got me some flowers. Beautiful Star-gazer Lilies! I hugged him with a huge smile on my face, a heart that was racing (mainly because I was a bit worried that the "little guy" at the door could overpower me), and because this man thought about something that I love to receive and bought them for me. Unexpectedly.

Let it be known: My husband is NO "little guy". He can quite easily overpower me at 6' or 6'1" (depending on what the gov't wants to measure him at), 250 lbs, super strong arms and legs (<---he works out ;-)). Yep. This big-little-tough-girl would have had no match. I could not have taken him.

Wait! I already have. He's mine and I love him! I am eagerly looking forward to celebrating our 15th anniversary in February 2013!

*signing off with a twinkle in my eye*

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