Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Thoughts vol. 1

Since I can't manage to stay on top of this blogging thing at the moment ... I figured I'd do something, I'll give you the random thoughts that go through my head. :)

#1: lowfat pumpkin chocolate chip muffins are YUMMY!

#2: I'd like to hang up the human body anatomy wall chart for my class, but can't because the skeletal face looks scary. lol. It feels like something is watching me.

#3: is dreaming of a white Christmas, thanks to Andrew!

#4: After our trip to Bass Pro Shop last night (Thursday), I'm really looking forward to moving back to the midwest -- it really can't come soon enough.

#5: being content in our current place has become increasingly difficult for me. *sigh* I'm just ready for a new beginning ............ I feel like we have outstayed our welcome. Make sense?

#6: William said to me earlier in the day through a text message: Jesus is more than enough. Now, why I can't I just learn to be CONTENT?!?! HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Have a great weekend folks. :)

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