Friday, May 17, 2013

A Line Of Entrapment: A Call For Help

While the kids and I ventured to Sonic for lunch on our first actual day of being in Texas, we sat intrigued as well as ready to help ... after eating our food.

What was this thing that we were so intrigued, saddened, ready to help with, yet at the same -- we were amazed??

The Sonic we ate at was kind of in a "rough-looking" neighborhood. Sitting next to the fast food joint was a soccer field park. Given the condition of the park, I am going to assume and safely say that it was not being used, or had not been used in quite some time. It made me sad, really. Even kids in those "rough neighborhoods" need an outlet of encouragement and direction. **I will leave that topic for another time. Maybe.**

Anyway, there was this soccer goal that had a loose net string. We witnessed a bird fly into it and then becoming entrapped. We could not tell if it was the wing that was caught or if it was the little bird's foot. Our daughter was a bit worked up because she felt so bad.

"Mom! Can we go help it? Oh NO! It can't get away!"

So, I promised that we would go help it after lunch. In my heart I felt that it would be okay. Plus, we did not have any sort of hand sanitizer and we were about to order our food.

What happened next was utterly amazing!

Picture obtained by Google Search.
The entangled bird must have called for help because along came two little birds. One bird bounced towards the loose net string and the other stood there watching. I imagine the little onlooker was analyzing the situation. I mean, God did not create animals without the knowledge to be able to fend for themselves, know the call of struggle, etc! Anyway, the entrapped bird tried flying away and then the little onlooker bird grabbed the loose net string. I have no idea how that made the string come away from the bird, but it surely helped. The bird was free!! Not only that, but the three birds stood there. In my fairy tale mind I think the entrapped bird was saying, "Thank you so much! **tweet. tweet. tweet.** Thank you so much for helping! **tweet-tweet. tweet-tweet.** You saved my life! **tweet. twee-tweet.**

I was in utter amazement!! Our kids were like, "WOW! Did you see that?!" Totally amazing!!


Then, we witnessed another bird fly into that loose string and was entrapped, also. Do you want to know what makes this even more amazing? Of course you do and so I will tell you.
Those two little birds that came to the other birds' rescue stayed near the soccer net. When the other bird became entrapped, they were there to help. And help they did.

I will share in another post what the LORD showed me through this "Call For Help".

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